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With 5 years of relevant experience our Team is here to help to develop a growth marketing strategy, analyze strengths and weaknesses of your platform and bring it all to the new level!

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Instagram coaching

Our responsibilities​

  • WHY YOU NEED IT: Social media networks offer huge opportunities for those, who want to set up an own business, run e-commerce store, grow and promote yourself as a brand. If you are a lifestyle blogger or fashion influencer, photographer or model, if you manage your own online store, Fashion Hunters Team can assist you in setting up and developing your own brand! Our coaching sessions were developed as a guidance to turn your idea into brand, to convert your efforts into profit. Don’t miss a chance and apply today for personal SMM coaching course to bring your platform to completely new level. Build your business and grow your brand with us!
  • WHAT WE OFFER: Fashion Hunters Team offers a strong assistance in planning, developing and promoting your own social media community according to your vision, strategical planning and niche. Our Team of qualified SMM influencers will share the key points and strategically important factors of the stable organic growth, engagement improvement and monetizing process during the coaching sessions. We are taking responsibility for the content planning, strategical development and visual attractiveness of your platform to reach higher visibility, organic growth and boost profit incomes. Join us now!
  • WHAT YOU RECEIVE: This course will help you to survive in the competitive online environment, boost sales and find your audience as an influencer and entrepreneur! You will be guided through all stages of running online business from growth strategy up to monetizing your platform! Share your style! Build your own label! Develop your brand! Manage your fashion community in a smart way with us to get a perfect background for your future business ideas!
Intensive growth and monetizing strategy, content planning and account management are only several options we offer!

Instagram Coaching course

250 7-hour coaching session
  • Instagram rules. Security options.
  • How to start Insta blog / What to improve.
  • How to develop your personal blog or fashion brand/shop in Instagram in a smart way.
  • Content plan for 30 posts
  • How to monetize your Instagram
  • Promotion support from group members
  • Engagement group with 2,5M followers base

Instagram Coaching course

450 10-hour coaching session
  • Instagram rules. Security options
  • How to start Insta blog / What to improve.
  • How to develop your personal blog or fashion brand/shop in Instagram in a smart way.
  • How to set up personal website (blog) in 60 minutes
  • Content plan for 60 posts
  • How to monetize your Instagram
  • Promotion support from group members
  • Engagement group with 5M followers base
Start your new Instagram page or restart current project with a great organic marketing strategy!

Who will coach you​

Our Team of qualified and passionated influencers with more than 5 years experience in SMM area! We guarantee stable organic growth and friendly support during all stages of our cooperation. We will stay in touch with you via messengers, direct messages in IG, phone or skype.

Irin Stylin

Fashion & Lifestyle influencer

Lily Sloanes

Fashion & Lifestyle influencer
Grow your page and push your Instagram traffic in a smart and organic way!

Meet your project team!

Fashion Hunters team develop and assist Instagram/FB projects dedicated to man/woman fashion, personal blogs, lifestyle as well as supervise the successful SMM services in Instagram for lifestyle influencers, fashion, fitness, photographers, e-commerce, app, essentials, shoes, beauty companies, etc.

5 million
Fashion Hunters followers base
700 K followers
Weekly Profile views
15 million followers
Weekly Reach
35 million followers
Weekly Impressions
Do you want to learn how to take advantage of Instagram to gain visibility for your brand? Are you an Influencer and need niche or customized services? Do you want to discover the tricks and secrets for creating a successful Instagram profile? You need an Instagram coaching!

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We create strategies that help your social media platform grow!

Community Development Solutions

Quick start in Instagram

If you are curious to start from the stable background this service is what you are looking for. No need to grow your project from the very start, we did it for you. Perfect follower base, good engagement and nice activity are the first steps to the success.
3m transfer

Account management​ / SUPERVISION

We manage Instagram accounts with the high engagement content and followers base according to your location / gender etc preferences. Amazing solution for business purposes in order to get more visibility and achieve higher conversion rates.

Multiple Accounts PROMO

Reach more than 5m of fashion lovers via packages include POSTS, stories with SWIPE UP, mention in BIO or highlight in bio and more – for your blog / shop to be posted on a group of fashion pages with organic engagement up to 1m impressions in 24hours.

Engagement Support

Boosting activity and enhancing engagement of your Instagram project through participating in Instagram Direct message groups with the partners up to 5M followers base.
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