3 posts & 3 sets with 2 stories on @city_streetstyles


  • Share your style & develop personal brand;
  • Find a new audience who loves your style, services or products & increase engagement in organic way;
  • Promote your social media, website, service, product, announce special offer & share discount codes;
  • A/B testing your ideas, built lookalike audience.

Package includes 3 posts or reels & 3 sets with 2 stories on instagram account @city_streetstyles 

Engagement you get:

  • Reach per package: min 450 000 followers (the number of unique users that will see your post or stories on any given day).
  • Impressions per package: min 600 000 followers (the number of times your content, whether a post or a stories, was shown to users).
  • Accounts statistics attached on Google Drive
Guaranteed Safe Checkout
We will share:
  • Same or different content on each accounts;
  • Single photo, gallery (carousel) with 2-10 photos, videos or reels;
  • Every day or every other day or due to your schedule.
What we need for promo:
  • Content for posting relevant to fashion, beauty and lifestyle;
  • Caption for posts & stories;
  • Favorite geo & hashtags;
  • Music for Reels;
  • Stories options which you need (pool, questions, music, geotags, hashtags, pages to be tagged, etc.);
  • Preffered time for posting;
  • Or we can suggest the best content plan to you due to our experience with our followers.

How does it work:

  • Pay the fee via PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay or credit cards;
  • Check out your billing email with all promotion details and next steps;
  • Send us photo, caption, hashtags, time for posting and other details if any or we can advise on each point;
  • We can start campaign in 12-24 hours after your order or when would you like;
  • We will upload a photo/collage/carousel posts/video with your caption, tag and mention your account +other pages if you need it, put geo tags, hashtags, alt text in posts, pools/questions/links/other pages/ etc options on the wipe up stories;
  • Best active time for posting: 8-12 am CET time, 4-10 pm CET time;
  • If you doubt which service to choose please contact us via Facebook or online chat or contacts  or check more details About Fashion hunters SMM team.

Some guarantees and details:

  • Based on the Privacy Policy we don’t disclose any details about clients and collaborations but if you’d like we appreciate for your review on Google Maps;
  • Collaboration due to Instagram rules and organic options;
  • Posts and Reels are permanent, stories for 24h;
  • We don’t specialize on fake followers and non organic engagement;
  • 100% guarantee to post due to schedule or we send money back;
  • min 85% % of our most active fashion followers are from Europe, USA, Canada  and Australia;
  • Gender range 92% women / 8% men, stats attached on Google Drive cloud
  • Age range: 18-24 > 15%; 25-34 > 36%; 35-44 > 30%; 45-54 > 15%; 55-64 > 5%;
  • We will send your statistics results from promo campaign in 48 hours after posting (on request);
  • For TAX / VAT / VAT EU invoices please contacts us online via chat or contacts form (we will send you on request);
  • Additional discounts for 5x-10x promo rounds (on request).
  • Current offer not includes: tag for your instagram accounts in our page bio, web link in accounts  bio, stories highlight in bio, insta guides (all that options we can do on request for additional fee on a monthly basis);
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