Coaching package “Basic”


This course includes following chapters:

  • Individual 1 weeks cours.
  • Account name. Supervision. Content. Posting. Hashtags. Geo targeting. Facebook connecting. Insight.
  • Natural methods of account growing based on Instagram algorithms.How to promote your brand or shop in Instagram. Real or fake accounts – how to choose partners for collaborationin Instagram.
  • How to earn on instagram: influencers, brand ambasadors, affiliates (21buttons, Likeitoknow, Rakuten and other), dropshipping store, personal brand, advertising and promotion in Instagram, accounts managing and brend development!
  • Instagram rules – main accents and risks. Fraud in Instagram and other risks – how to diversify finance and traffic risks. Account security.
  • Are you ready to begin your fashion line? We genuinely want to discover if we’re right for you and if you’re right for us in the journey of your Product Development and Production Management. Complimentary Consultation – 1 hr free consultation.
  • How to start in 60 minutes personal fashion website on Wordpress with all basic function what you need + Adsense/Adwords/Retargeting!
  • Friendly support via your personal engagement group with 3m followers base with 8 Members and 10 posts:
  • Ask and unswers sessions.
  • Invition to Private group in WhatsApp for our community supporting.


If you are a lifestyle or fashion influencer, photographer or model, if you manage own e-commerce store, dropshipping store or shop on Etsy, Fashion Hunters Team can assist you in building and developing of your own brand! Don’t miss a chance and apply today! Personal SMM coaching course for Instgrammers available now! 

We will assist you during the first steps of monetizing your project / blog in Instagram.

Who will coach you – team of qualified and passionated influencers with more than 5 year experience in instagram SMM area! We guarantee stable organic growth and friendly support during all stages of our cooperation. We will stay in touch with you via messengers, direct messages in IG, phone or skype.

Our team members are here to help you to identify the weaknesses of your blog and develop further growth strategy.

It is all about sharing secrets and main key features of getting more visibility, achievin g higher growth rate and monetizing the business. We will develop a growth strategy according to your vision and purposes in order to get more visibility for your IG page and achieve higher growth rate.

The following service includes managing your project according to the preferences and needs with the greatest attention to key factors e.g. location, gender and relevant hashtag choice. As a result, higher visibility and conversion rates guaranteed. We also share some useful advices on running successful blog/ business page, reveal some top rules how to attract new audience, customers and survive in competitive environment.

Our team is here to help you grow and bring it all to the higher level.

Share your style! Build your own label! Develop your brand! Manage your fashion community in a smart way to get a perfect background for your future business ideas! Start your new Instagram page or restart current project with a new great marketing strategy!


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