Post + Stories package “GOLD”

326 200

Represent your Instagram, web blog, APP, pool, products, e-commerce store or other services to fashion audience via 1 Instagram post + 2 swipe up stories on 12 Instagram accounts with 5 million followers base in total:

Total 12 posts + 24 swipe up stories with engagement:

    • for influencers: min. 825k reach / 1m impressions;
    • for e-commerce: min 500k reach / 650k impressions.

Bonus options:

  • Swipe up stories highlight in bio for 7 days on each accounts;
  • Your USERNAME with a caption (5 words) in bio for 24 hours after posting;
  • Your Hashtag in Bio for 24 hours after posting:
  • Engagement support for your 12 post updates from our 12 accounts who will like / comments / saves / views and shares your photos and stories;
  • Discount coupon 15% off for next order.

How does it work

  • Pay the fee via PayPal or bank transfer.
  • Check out your email with promotion details.
  • We will be manage a promo package due to your schedule or we can create our vision of collaboration!
  • Send us photo, caption, hashtags, time for posting and other details if any or we can advise on each point.
  • We upload a photo/collage/carousel posts/video with your caption, tag and mention your account +other pages if you need it, put geo tags, hashtags, alt text in posts, pools/questions/links/other pages/ etc options on the wipe up stories.
  • Engagement support for your post/stories updates (saves, likes, comments, stories activities).
  • We can do posts every or every other day on each accounts or all package in one time or due to your schedule.
  • Best active time for posting: 8-12 am, 4-10 pm.
  • 90% of our most active fashion followers are from Europe, North America and Australia.
  • Gender range 92% women / 8% men
  • Age range: 18-24 > 15%; 25-34 > 36%; 35-44 > 30%; 45-54 > 15%; 55-64 > 5%
  • If you doubt which service to choose please contact us via Facebook or online chat or contacts  or check more details About Fashion hunters SMM team.

Some guarantees

  • Collaboration due to Instagram rules and organic options.
  • We don’t specialize on fake followers and non organic engagement.
  • 100% guarantee to post due to schedule or we send money back.
  • We can send your promo statistics in 48 hours after posting (on request).
  • Your Posts staying in account feed minimum for 1 month.

Increase your Instagram traffic organically.

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